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Merrylands Driving School is the leading driving school in Sydney, established in 1988. We are well equipped to get you driving in a quick, safe and enjoyable way. Thousands of driving students across Australia have got their licence through Merrylands Driving School.

Merrylands Driving School’s training methods help you to get your licence faster than other driving schools.

Each year most of Merrylands Driving School’s students pass the licence test at first go.

We also provide the Advance Driving Skills Programme to give you more driving experience than what is covered in 'the test'. Also we offer a unique service for refresher courses, preparation for the aged test and overseas conversions. For any other information please contact us by phone or email. These are few of the reasons why we are the first choice for driving students.
How We Are Different

Merrylands Driving means value added service, by providing our students with extra benefits.

These include:
  • Unique test preparation to ensure that the student knows all that is required on the test day.
  • Individual tuition so that the driver trainer can focus on the specific tuition needs of the student, which will ensure quick progress without sacrificing their skills and safety needs.
  • Quality customer service to ensure the whole process is hassle free which includes organisation of tests at no extra cost.