Merrylands Driving School & Wetherill Park Driving School
Merrylands Driving School  has a  well maintained Toyota Corolla which is air conditioned and has power steering. Most importantly it has Dual controls and is fitted with many extra safety features which are unique in Merrylands Driving School  It is fully insured and easy to drive and easy to park. Victor picked this car especially for Merrylands  Driving School  because it is small and a pleasure to drive. We also have another reliable toyota car as a back up car   with the same unique features..  so that all appointments and rta  tests will always be  done on time  without exception. Reliability is one of our promises and  priorities that you can expect.. If you have made a booking for a lesson at, say 11.30. am  we will be there on or before 11.30am, 99 times out of 100 without fail. and if for some reason we cannot [highly unlikely] we would always contact you and let you know well before your lesson time so that you will not be inconvenienced.

So if you want to learn to drive you can contact

Victor Olenik

Address : 138 Jersey Road, Merrylands NSW,2160.
Phone : 02 9636 6357
Mobile : 0419 266 479, 0432 283 262

Email :